Zloženie: Spiral Tech Carbon + EVA *16
Hmotnosť: 370 g
Veľkosť hlavy: 75 in2
Vyváženie: 270 mm
Dĺžka: 455 mm
Šírka rámu: 38 mm
Púzdro: thermoobal na celú raketu
Farba: čierno - zlatá
Popis:Padel raketa Pro Kennex BLACK ACE Gold - NOVINKA !! Za uvádzaciu cenu 295 € !

Designed for attacking players, the 3 layers of Spiral Tech Carbon® combined with the new Soft EVA® with 16° rigidity create a deadly ball strike.
With its exclusive A-shape, the PK-Bridge® guarantees solidity when striking upwards. The Kinetic System® built into the racquet stabilises the frame during strokes to achieve maximum precision and a clean impact. The PVC bumper is designed to protect the racquet head without shifting the balance too much. The Kinetic Damping Chamber® in the handle reduces residual vibrations to ensure a firm and comfortable grip.
Cena: 350,00 €
Nová cena: 295,00 €